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At the keyboard,
standing at a lectern
or waiting in line
at the grocer's,
I'm a Talker.
Here's Your Chance to 'Holla Back!

I'd like to know your thoughts and opinions about my work.

Have my book, articles or
other writings touched you?
Inspired you?
Upset you?

However you feel, I'd like to know.
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As my readers, your opinion matters.

   Congratulations on a very nice, heartfelt, touching and brave article
("A Mother's Gift," CEO Magazine).  I commend you on your strength and transparency. When we share our experiences, we take the opportunity to educate so many others.  Your story will strengthen many in need. 
William, Richmond, VA

   Your article is an inspiration for women everywhere. Thanks for sharing.
Dee, Chesterfield, VA

   Thoughtful, empowering, honest and interesting. This personal story will lead so many hurting, confused women (not just mothers) to the light that is our God.  Sheila, Richmond, VA

See what the buzz is all about: A Mother's Gift

   Congrats!  I don't read many books, but during a recent flight to Florida I decided to read "TOTS."  It had me on the edge of my seat for the entire flight!  Great job! Terry, Denton, TX
    Praise God and congratulations!  This is a very big deal!  I'm a writing major and this is a wonderful accomplishment.  Florence Johnson has always had a strong and proven literary voice.  I wish her all the best!
Tanya M., NY
    I was skeptical when my husband handed me this book (Tales of the Supernatural) because I do not entertain hocus pocus stuff. When I started reading it, I completed it over a weekend. I could not put it down!  I totally enjoyed it.  I felt as if I was having a conversation with a girlfriend. Your book gave me the courage to stand on faith and talk to God, and I too can testify that GOD answer prayers.  Kudos!
    There is a chapter on a subject that I have been wrestling with... Tithing. I had a discussion with my husband who said, "You don't have to pay a 'cover charge' to worship God, He only wants our love and relationship."
    look forward to meeting you and purchasing your next book on the bookstand. Continue being a blessing! Ann-Marie, Richmond, VA
   Reply...  Hi Ann-Marie:  Thank you so much for your very kind comments. As you know from the book, I struggled with the concept of tithing, too.  Please share with your husband that tithing is not "paying" for anything.  God is much too loving and generous to charge for His goodness.  Tithing is a "key," a tool that God offers us to open a very special door, a door to tremendous blessings!  If you read Malachi chapter 3 verses 8-12 you'll see that God says we can actually use tithing  to "prove" that His Word works!  Tithing is one step I've never regretted taking.  I don't believe I ever would have published this book successfully if I wasn't a tither. (The first miracle I experienced after I started tithing was having an article published in Essence Magazine, Aug. 2000.  It was a dream come true!  Click here: Essence article)  Much Love & God Bless you!  FMJ
   F.M. Johnson surely manages to captivate any reader, Christian or Atheist, with her skilled utilization of the written word to implant images that awe, frighten, and provoke thought. Heather, San Francisco, CA
   My husband and I are both so caught up in your book!  I know I will see you on TV soon.  You have inspired me to want to write, too! 
Ann, Quinto, VA
   Your book (Tales of the Supernatural) will encourage non-Christians and
"born again believers" to explore God in a unique way.  Too often supernatural themes are presented in a horrific manner with no redeeming value. Thank you for sharing your personal experiences, and for using
your talent as a beacon to help light the way to salvation for those
who may be lost or afraid of the dark.  Sheila, Richmond, VA
   TOTS has inspired me to to try many things (like cooking) and to overcome things I never thought I  could.  I actually touched a snake - and filmed it!
For me, that's a VERY big deal! ZFR, Richmond, VA
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