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My beloved terrier, Barkley, was euthanized in 2010.  He was my constant companion and part of our family for almost fifteen years.
Barkley grew up with my kids; saw them through college and provided countess hours of camaraderie for all of us.  He was by my side through thick and thin, curled under my desk as I worked, begging when I ate, and straining excitedly at his leash when we walked.  He was witness to my tears and laughter alike, and lay curled in my arms recovering from many a seizure as I comforted him over the years. Barkley was true-blue, and as faithful as the day is long.
I loved that dog.  I always will.
Now and then I think about the times I felt upset because he’d gotten into the garbage or tore something up, but now I’d trade every frustrated moment for a chance to pet that little guy just one more time.
Having Barkley in my life gave me many precious memories and his legacy to me is a reminder to cherish what I have, while I have it.  Kids, church, job, friends, I cherish it all.  I don’t want to toss anything or anyone carelessly aside.
And for that, I have Barkley to thank.
Oct. 15, 1995 - June 7, 2010
Dear Readers:
I cannot tell you how touched I am by the many condolences and comments received, regarding Barkley.
He is sorely missed, and it is quite beautiful to think that
sharing his story is touching the lives of others.
Thank you all for your kindness,
and thank you for allowing me to share your words.
From Joi:
Thank you for sharing this.  I will print it and keep it near.  Please know that I am very sorry for your loss.  I have four cats that I too love dearly and as they get older, (Taylor is 16 years old),  I am already morning his loss.   This will help to remind me, because once they are gone I will not be able to get them back, to love the things that they do even more and be appreciative for the times I do have with them.  Thank you again.
From ZFR:
You are such a great author! I read the page on "Barkley" and it is so inspiring. It makes me think on treasuring the relationships in my life. I also knew Barkley and this page helps me in remembering him, too. Thank you so much for posting his page.
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