F. M. Johnson - Let the writer in me touch the reader in you...
Tales of the Supernatural
 F. M. Johnson
(Elder Florence M. Johnson)
God is REAL.
So is His Enemy.
   Raised in fear, abuse and confusion, Johnson was a confirmed atheist.  To her God did not exist and if He did, He couldn't be trusted.
   After years of non-belief Johnson decided to give God a try - and found herself in a battle
with forces of evil so terrifying it was like
being trapped in a horror movie.  But this wasn't Hollywood or television.  This was REAL .
“I couldn’t turn the channel, close a book
or call an exorcist.  All I could do was go through...” 
A must-read for those who wonder if
"the supernatural" is real...
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See the Story BEHIND the Story!
Johnson was featured on the International
Christian Television Program, The 700 Club!
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 Stay tuned,
more tales to come...
J Moss
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